Simple Overtime Salary Grid Worksheet

    OVERTIME SALARY GRID WORKSHEET With the impending deadline for the new Overtime Regulations which we’ve recently discussed across our Resource Center, we’ve created a simple…





Restaurant Accounting Experts – Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant Solutions Inc. isn’t software-in-a-box; we’re experts in restaurant accounting providing busy restaurateurs with solutions to not only survive in this competitive business, but thrive!

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective restaurant management system and service for independent restaurants that our competitors are unable to replicate. Our system is backed by a team of experts that focus on educating our clients on how to continually succeed, and our dedicated professionals provide every RSI client with the knowledge and assistance they need to reach their financial goals each and every day!

Check out our solutions to learn more about RSI’s ability to help you identify opportunities that will maximize profits before they pass you by!

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  • Restaurant solutions

    serviced by
    industry experts
    & accountants

  • Accounts Payable
    & Sales

    Manage your AP proactively in order to fully grasp your restaurant finances and maximize your profits! Our foodservice accounts payable reporting enables you to easily manage multiple payment options, vendor terms and balances.

  • Inventory &
    Menu Engineering

    RSI’s Restaurant Inventory Management and Ordering Systems help ensure you aren’t mistaking inventory consistency for accuracy. For example, how many rookie managers order based upon par, not usage? If this spending is out of control, so is your cost!

  • Payroll & Taxes

    RSI’s Payroll Services provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly system to assist in managing the complexities of Payroll and Payroll Taxes. Our online system is accessible from anywhere you can reach the internet!

  • POS Reporting
    & Integration

    RSI interfaces with most POS systems to seamlessly move your POS data directly into our accounting system to process everything from your Payroll and Accounts Payable, to your Taxes and Bank Reconciliations.

  • Weekly Financials
    & Reconciliations

    RSI produces Weekly Financial Statements so that our restaurateurs have their finger on the financial pulse of their operations week to week, including supporting reports that analyze Sales and Costs for opportunities to improve.

  • Staff Performance
    & Knowledge

    RSI Shift Solutions provides any busy management team with the ability to manage all labor related tasks with ease!

Our solutions make us different. More than software in a box, our accounting experts educate you every step of the way. We utilize the best in technology paired with our exceptional team members who are eager to share their financial knowledge and passion for the restaurant industry. Click on the solutions above to learn more.