An Unrivaled Culture

If you walk into the massive 68,000 sq. ft. building that is 1101 W. Mineral Avenue in Littleton Colorado, it’s abundantly clear that the headquarters for the RSI team isn’t your average office building. Built in 1981 and renovated by RSI President, Blair Pennington, and numerous RSI team members, our office is explicitly tailored to showcase our culture. Home to a vibrant gallery of art from head to toe, and of course, 50 shades of purple – the RSI brand color of choice. As many pieces of the whole, every individual office and cube speak to the myriad of personalities that makeup the RSI genetic code. Take a stroll around the office and you’ll see the same value and effort that RSI places in our clients, is exactly what’s put into our team members as well. With a sizeable breakroom to accommodate all ping pong, billiards, shuffle board and foosball lovers, RSI’ers have developed a serious work-hard, play-hard mentality! Wellness is also a key factor within everyday life at the office; we strive to assist each team member in embracing an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle with a Wellness Committee who meets every week to discuss new, exciting ways to bring awareness to not only physical, but also mental well-being, spanning both in and outside of the office. With an in-house gym and a yoga room, a variety of classes are offered each week such as Yoga, Kick Boxing and Boot Camps! In addition to the health and wellness aspect, Thursday theme days and community involvement have all become customary to the RSI culture. Creating an office environment that allows our team members to feel excited when they get up and come to work directly correlates to the type of work they are willing to put in for both the company and all of our clients. It’s no wonder why we’re consistently voted a top place to work year after year!