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Built for restaurant success, RSI helps thousands of restaurants increase revenue and develop smart front-of-house and back-of-house processes. Your demo will include a custom walkthrough of RSI accounting software catered to your restaurant’s unique needs.

If you want to improve your bottom line profitability and take the ownership and accountability back into your own hands, let’s chat!

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“The food service industry has an overabundance of ancillary services, most of which fall well short of the expectations and claims made for how that they can improve your business. RSI has been a rare exception. They’ve been absolutely critical to the day-to-day operations, long-term goal planning, weekly accounting, financial analysis and so much more for my restaurant.” 
Jason Sorrell, The District

Integrated POS Systems

Don’t see your POS on here? Don’t worry! We’re always adding new software to the party.

US-Based Expert Support

Skip the automated phone attendant! At RSI, we believe that a successful partnership requires good communication. As part of our service, all clients have access to our team of US-based industry experts from Monday-Friday.

Cloud-Based System

Having a cloud-based system enables you access to your financials 24×7! Additionally, we have a specialized team of former restaurant GM’s, Executive Chefs and Owners who know the restaurant biz inside and out to educate and assist you in meeting your goals!

We’re (Local) Everywhere!

RSI is headquartered in Littleton, CO with additional regional offices in Chicago, IL. Our team is backed by a group of knowledgeable sales professionals located throughout the country ensuring we’re local everywhere.