Beyond the commitment to the relationships that RSI strives to retain with our clients, we are aware that there are additional relationships that can ultimately afford our clients with an even higher level of comprehension from their RSI services. The RSI Partnership Program stands to create strategic alliances to directly and positively impact our 1,600 clients across the nation through integrated technology and unmatched corporate level services for the Independent Restaurant. Partners can partake in the opportunity to leverage our vast client base, facilitating growth, while improving their businesses through aggressive partner pricing and unique promotional opportunities through RSI.





Efficient Hire offers a proven suite of HR solutions that allow restaurants to easily manage their hiring process from recruiting to onboarding!


Streamline your recruiting, applicant tracking, employee onboarding, I-9 & E-Verify, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and ACA management. Visit the HR and Compliance section of the Solutions page for more information.



One of the most challenging tasks for a restaurant manager is to remain diligent within their Accounts Payables. Invoices stack up or they get stuffed into an office drawer because no one wants to deal with them… it’s financially disastrous! To assist our clients with this issue, we’ve created relationships with Food and Beverage Vendors which alleviates the workload. We can integrate with vendor systems and import our clients’ invoices directly into their own RSI website. In turn, this reduces back office time, data entry time, and opportunities for human error. We currently import from the following list of vendors, but are always willing to contact any vendor our clients’ request!


Leveraging the purchasing power of over 2,000 RSI clients with nearly $1.3BN in spend, RSI has negotiated manufacturer rebate programs for our clients to earn money back on their everyday purchases. RSI’s Purchasing Program is based on actual client item usage; Unlike Restaurant Buying Groups, we pass 100% of the earned rebate income back to our clients through a reduction of RSI service fees. Restaurants who have used our Purchasing Program have seen savings of up to 48% on their RSI Fees. Our Manufacturer Rebate Program is provided at NO EXTRA COST for our clients -simply sign up and save!

POS Software

The RSI Restaurant Management System provides integration with industry-leading Restaurant POS Software to seamlessly move your POS data directly into our proprietary Accounting System to process everything from your Payroll and Accounts Payable to your Taxes and Bank Reconciliations. Your restaurant POS data culminates in the RSI Report Card, allowing you to compare and view your sales, monitor overtime and attendance, and evaluate various data points through easy to read reporting and graphical analysis! We currently integrate with the following list of POS Providers, but are always willing to contact any POS our clients’ request!

PAYGO (Pay As You Go)

We currently work with with the following list of Insurance Providers, but are always willing to contact any Insurance Providers our clients’ request!


We currently partner with the following Human Resource solutions companies in order to support growth, improve company culture, and decrease compliance risks for our restaurants!

Health Insurance bundled with ACA Compliance tailored for Independent Restaurants

401(K) Plan and Benefit Administration tailored for Independent Restaurants


Human Resource (HR) software solutions tailored for Independent Restaurants



We currently partner with the following companies in order to enhance the services we bring to our clients!

Short-Term Loan Rates tailored for Independent Restaurants

Hospitality specific websites tailored for Independent Restaurants

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