Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 24



More often than not, the term budget sounds like a total quash of creativity, but in reality, done correctly it does just the opposite. You see, building a solid budget actually forces you to be creative about how to stay competitive in your respective markets all while ensuring it remains financially sound. As panelist David Miller says, “Budgeting is a box and realistically you’re inside it, tap the edges of that box, push the parameters and push the limits to challenge yourself.” In our 24th episode of Operating a Profitable Restaurant, host Dave Downs, RSI Client Advisor, sits down with Ryan Rose, Executive Chef of Zocalo Restaurants, and David Miller, Owner of Kickin Chicken Restaurants to dive deep into best practices behind budgeting and incentive planning for your restaurant. Tune in and learn about the following topics:


  • Budgets as a Living Document
  • Creating Attainable Budgets
  • Your Pricing Model and your Brand
  • Goal-Based Incentive Planning vs Higher Wages & No Bonuses
  • Competing for your Employees