Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 11



This month we’re circling back to the polarizing topic we covered back in November that has morphed into its own breed of beast. The boundless discussion of tip removal has evoked frustrations across the board with the government rearing its head smack dab into the center of the game. The discussion is more heated than ever. Restaurateurs are not only faced with the implications of ACA but they’re also dealing with payroll compliancy issues; and the cherry on their sundae, the elimination of tip pooling by the 9th circuit court.

From the time that Danny Meyer fired the first shot last year the revolution has now transformed into an evolution. A fire caught wind and has quickly spread across the nation affecting ultimately every restaurant owner in its path. With minimum wage increases continuing to rip across the nation, restaurateurs are collectively wondering what their peers are doing to offset increased costs and how they’re faring. We’re seeing more often than not that many are dabbling into the no-tipping movement not only because Danny did it and the world kept spinning, but because there are now a surplus of reasons (or rulings for that matter) leading restaurateurs virtually no other choice but to hop on to this Euro-style train.

In this episode of Operating a Profitable Restaurant, RSI Partner and Strategic Development Officer, Matt Vannini takes a moment to sit down with RSI Operations Specialist, Brian McCaig to further discuss the evolution of tipping since the revolution, and how to best manage tip removal within your own operation.