Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 20



Have you battled back and forth about whether adding a Devliery Service to your restaurant would help or hinder your operation? In our 20th episode of Operating a Profitable Restaurant, Ron Cain from the Kuma’s Corner restaurants in Chicago, and Alfonso Gonzales from the La Isla restaurants in Seattle, shed some light on both the similarities and difference they’ve faced within the Delivery Services they’ve chosen for their operations, while speaking with RSI Client Advisors, Michele O’Neill and Dave Downs.

There’s no one silver-bullet when deciphering if utilizing Delivery Services is truly right for your restaurant. Considerations from marketing opportunities to revenue streams and even integration with your POS System can play a part in the ultimate decision in what, if any, Delivery Service(s) you’re going to trust as your partner! As with any major decision in your restaurant, you have to look at the pros and cons of that decision, and measure how it will affect your guest, your team and of course, your profit!