Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 4



The theoretical revolving employee door; We’ve all either been part of, seen or heard the experiences of companies tossing around a one-in, one-out hiring/firing policy like an overcrowded bar. Not only is this insane practice costly for a business, but it’s pure frustration for everyone involved.

So what’s the magic in a bottle that keeps your team members, happy, successful, and motivated to represent your brand with passion?

Listen to this episode and hear Adam Schlegel, Co-Founder of Snooze an AM Eatery discuss with Matt Vannini, effective strategies on how restaurant operators can reduce employee turnover, while creating a culture of driven, invigorated, and community involved team members.

Adam and his brother Jon opened the first Snooze in 2006. In the beginning, the brothers aimed to reinvigorate the seemingly stale breakfast scene. While Jon grew up dreaming of partaking in the restaurant industry in whatever shape possible; Adam took his career in a different direction and dove into the Finance world head first. After realizing he’d been burned out, Adam then took to the likes of his brother and became immersed in the restaurant business. The Schlegel brothers now own 10 stores in upwards of 4 states and are still growing. Eat at any Snooze and you’ll see far more than a simple breakfast joint – you’ll witness a group of valued team members who are contributing to the success of a brand that has become a family-like culture, carrying out the same passion that caught fire in 2006.