Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 5



Every restaurant owner loves the summer season – in the springtime people slowly start to emerge from hibernation, but by summertime, the flip-flops and tank tops are in full swing and everyone’s over their winter slump. Restaurants not only thrive during this period, they surpass all financial norms. When the weather is nice the people will flock and sales skyrocket.

So how do you ensure in these times of excess, that you’re still executing to the highest standards and providing your guests with unparalleled service?


In our previous podcasts, blog posts and web series, we’ve been educating you on the importance of budgeting, cash flow, and hiring the right team members; but that was all practice. Now it’s game time. Now is the time we’ll take all of that information and apply it when you’ll need it the most.

In this episode of Operating a Profitable Restaurant, RSI Partner and Strategic Development Officer, Matt Vannini heads out to Seattle to chat with longtime RSI users, Tom and Tessa Aydelotte of the Doc’s Marina Grills, about what it takes to achieve outstanding operational execution for your restaurant(s). Tom opened his first Doc’s Marina 13 years ago in Bainbridge Island, WA; he and Tessa have now opened a second location in Port Townsend, WA, and strive to open three additional locations in the years to come. If you walk into either Doc’s Marina location, it’s clear to see that Tom and Tessa have created more than a restaurant with phenomenal food. They have created a family who shares one vision of serving and providing their community with a fun environment and a great product that people want to come back to. Their tagline says it all: “Food, Drinks & FUN Done Right!” If you want to listen to how the seasoned veterans do it right, don’t miss out on this episode.