Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 8


This month as we near the new year and the many changes that sit on the horizon for the restaurant industry, we’ve been discussing our restaurant accounting best practices that will set our clients and their businesses up for a prosperous year. As many people do at this time of year, we’ve come up with a list and we’ve checked it twice.  Our accounting list is comprised of some of our top operational and financial practices (which we see our best clients already doing), and of course what our friends at the State and Federal revenue agencies say we need to be doing so as not to find ourselves being audited.

In this episode of Operating a Profitable Restaurant, RSI Partner and Strategic Development Officer Matt Vannini takes a moment to roundtable with industry experts – our very own RSI Operational Specialists! These experts are all ex-restaurant GM’s, Executive Chefs and Owners… they know the restaurant biz inside and out and use their restaurant specific background to educate on best practices as well as training restaurateurs how to become powerful using RSI’s dynamic tools and reports; ultimately assisting them in reaching their financial goals on a daily basis.

Want to hear our expert-approved Year-End checklists, Must-Haves and To-Dos to see if you’re on par with the best? Then tune in and don’t miss out on giving yourself a leg up to achieve your financial goals for next year!