Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 9



If you’ve ever taken on the challenge of starting a restaurant, you know it ain’t for the faint of heart. It’s precisely one of the reasons why we love what we do so damn much. At RSI, we get the opportunity to see people start with a dream and assist those with the passion and drive to see that dream become a reality. This reality can be harsh in the beginning, however, the taste of even the smallest successes are oh-so-sweet. Starting a restaurant takes guts, gusto, tenacity, and a whole ‘lotta heart. So when we decided to kick off the year by celebrating our client success stories we put the word out to our RSI Trainers to look for clients who worked hard all year, striving each day to achieve progress and not necessarily perfection regarding their goals.  Clients who exemplified the RSI core principle of taking Ownership and Accountability over their businesses who consistently made effective decisions that benefited their guests, their team members and their bottom line.

That’s when Owen and Marie Jobson, of Blue Rock BBQ in San Jose California, floated to the top of RSI Strategic Development Officer, Matt Vannini’s inbox. In this episode of Operating a Profitable Restaurant, Matt had the pleasure of speaking with Owen and Marie about their personal stories of struggle in opening Blue Rock BBQ and what steps they took to become so successful today. In June the dynamic duo will be making strides into their 8th year as owners and to say it has been a winding journey of ups and downs would be a sore understatement. They’ve learned throughout the years the necessity for the continuous buy-in and support of their team; how to retain a strong work/life balance; and last but certainly not least, what it takes to implement a solid financial system and how it has not only assisted in their financial success today but also where they’re hoping it will take them in the years to come.