Featured Podcast: Behind The Smoke



We love how creative and passionate RSI Clients are! Shawn Walchef of Cali Comfort BBQ created a podcast and invited RSI Client Advisor, Sydney Lynn, on as a guest! Check out their latest Podcast episode where they discuss making a restaurant profitable!

Epidosde summary directly from behindthesmokemedia.com:

  • Sydney Lynn is the Senior Client Advisor at Restaurant Solution Inc. RSI helps small businesses maximize profits by educating their clients on efficient restaurant operations.
  • How RSI’s proprietary restaurant accounting and management system Lester comes with the full support of industry-specific specialists.
  • Sydney breaks down the dollar in sales and explains the impact each cent has on your overall operations.
  • Tracking the weekly behavior of your business to give a more accurate picture of what the bottom line looks like and the ways it can benefit your restaurant.
  • The mistakes restaurant owners make: not having enough operating capital, not understanding margins, lack of staff education, etc.