Operating a Profitable Restaurant – Episode 27



Leaving profits on the table in an industry with paper thin margins is something every restaurant owner aims to avoid. During this panel, recurring panel hosts Michele O’Neill and Dave Downs had a great opportunity to speak with Michelle Heller and Eddie Velazquez to discuss how our strategic partnerships with Efficient Hire and BentoBox can assist owners and operators in getting the most bang for their bucks by driving more top-line revenue and saving dollars through streamlining HR & compliance. In this podcast we chat about:

Driving revenue directly through your restaurant’s website w/ 3 focus areas:

  • Design: Consistently branded website design for a streamlined online presence – remember, your website is your first impression rose to your potential guest
  • Ecommerce: Gift cards, catering, merchandise etc.
  • Tools: Analytics for maintaining ongoing presence of website and understanding your web data

Saving money by digging in your arsenal and utilizing all your available tools which benefit both the you and your employees, including:

  • WOTC Tax Credit
  • Streamlined Applicant Onboarding & Tracking
  • ACA Compliance