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RSI has been an industry leader in hospitality bookkeeping and accounting for over 40 years. We’ve always believed that both strong communication and education are the foundation of a lasting relationship with our clients. Education drives the development of the restaurant accounting and management system we call Lester™.  However, as good as software and systems can be developed, it’s our team of industry-specific Accountants, Bank Reconciliation Specialists, Tax Specialists and Operations Trainers that are the reason our clients’ profits average 11% higher than the industry average.



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Restaurant Payroll is no longer just about cutting checks for hours worked. It’s evolved into understanding and maintaining compliancy with both Federal & State mandates. Law changes and enactments regarding Safe and Sick time, Overtime, Paid Time Off, etc. have created a world of litigation and increased labor costs.  RSI’s Payroll Management System and Compliance Services enables end to end protection and peace of mind through its integration with top-tier POS systems, Benefit Administrators, ACA Providers, Tip Reporting and Human Resource Partners.  Empower yourself to become a proactive operator and remain a step ahead of the game to catch any payroll or compliance related errors before they become a greater issue for your restaurant.

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Restaurant Operations

RSI’s Financial and Operational Management System empowers independent restaurant operators in making proactive decisions that have a direct impact on their bottom line. Our comprehensive management solution provides a real-time experience for our clients; Targeting all major facets of back office management such as: Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Inventory Management, Menu Engineering & Food Costing, Budgeting, Bank Reconciliation, Tax Management and Financial Reporting. The secret for our clients’ success – RSI’s team of Accountants, Operations Specialists, Tax & Compliance Agents, and Bank Reconciliation Specialists educate and assist our clients in the management of their daily operations.

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RSI offers a wide range of restaurant consulting services that focus on specific objectives with measurable outcomes.  Working directly with our Client Advisors, you will receive guidance and education regarding best practices, continued development of your management teams, understanding of the financial health of your business, strategic planning, industry standards and more. For Owners/Operators that require a deeper engagement and partnership in their business, much like a COO or CFO, our Client Advisors become an integral part of your organization through strategic management, focusing both on the financial and operational aspects of your restaurant.

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Pulling the purchasing power of 2,000 RSI clients with nearly $1.3BN in spend, RSI has negotiated manufacturer rebate programs for our clients to earn money back on their everyday purchases. RSI’s Purchasing Program is based on actual client item usage; Unlike Restaurant Buying Groups, we pass 100% of the earned rebate income back to our clients through a reduction of RSI service fees. Restaurants who have used our Purchasing Program have seen savings of 7% – 9% of their overall spend. Our Manufacturer Rebate Program is provided at NO EXTRA COST for our clients!


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HR & Compliance

RSI’s Team of Compliance Agents and Restaurant Operations Specialists are dedicated to protecting your valuable assets, you, your employees and your business. RSI’s human resource compliance system, Shift Solutions™ focuses on employee onboarding, electronic document signature and storage solutions for I9’s, W4’s, Handbooks and operation-specific Training Materials. Shift Solutions™ also serves as an employee portal for communication, paycheck and W2’s making organization and efficiency part of your restaurant culture.



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