Wouldn’t it be great if running a restaurant was as straightforward as creating delicious, unique food with a great atmosphere that everyone raves about? 


As an owner/operator, you’re well aware that the journey to satisfying customers, unfortunately, isn’t quite that simple. The behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a memorable dining experience is expansive, yet the diner will never know the amount of work put forth, nor should they. For starters, you have to hire quality employees, train them correctly, create great recipes while managing your food cost so you can actually make a buck, conjure up marketing strategies to get as many repeat customers as possible; the list goes on. As you know, the many aspects of maintaining a profitable restaurant depend on a collaborative effort from all angles and utilizing services who can assist you in reaching your goal so you can focus on what you do best within your four walls.

It’s important to know the things at which you excel and the things that you will benefit from using professional level services. During this live panel, we’ll be speaking with Shawn Walchef, from Cali Comfort BBQ and Joshua Binning from Lucha Cantina to discuss their collaborations with other businesses who are experts in areas outside of the restaurant, like Marketing and Consulting Services. We’ll dive into if these services have worked and why, and if they haven’t, how they’ve moved forward to stay true to their brand!

Tune in and learn about the ins-and-outs on following topics:

– Defining Vendors vs Partners
– Scheduling & Hiring
– Digital Marketing
– Guest Perception
– Metrics & Measuring ROI