For restaurants, squeezing every nickel out of every dollar has always been important, but as we continue to work through this health crisis it has become essential. When revenues drop, every unnecessary expense becomes a dead weight that can drag your business down and out.

Never has it been more important to look within our organizations to identify areas of opportunity to further reduce expenses via timely and accurate financial reporting! While we’ve drilled further down to determine these areas of opportunity, it has become abundantly clear that one facet will always remain the same – in order to reduce expenses, you must have a proper budget in place.

In this webinar, RSI Client Advisors dive deep into budgeting and how to be strategic during this time so you can plan for a better future! Stay tuned and learn the following:

    • Understand HOW a budget would benefit your restaurant
    • Establish a starting place & set realistic targets
    • Review S.M.A.R.T restaurant budgeting tactics
    • Determine what barriers are stopping you from creating a budget & find solutions to get past them